In a 2014 article written by, there is and estimated 51,000 homeless people in the greater Los Angeles area, with around 5000 of them residing in Skid Row. Our City of Angels contains one of the largest amount of homeless population in the United States. This poses a question, what can we do to help?

This December 2014 Only See The Good Clothing Company is putting together a Charity feed for our homeless in Skid Row called, "With Food Comes Warmth." Our goal is to start with 100 hoodies to be given out, with aspirations to provide more. We are also looking into different food trucks to bring along and provide plates of food to our homeless.  As of now we are currently talking to numerous charity organizations in the Los Angeles area to ask for help and/or guidance in this matter.

We have been asking ourselves what sets us apart from the other street wear brands? Its our ambition to give back. We must staying true to our mission statement and remember why we started O.S.T.G. Clothing. 

As more info comes together for this project, we will keep you informed and involved. 

If anyone wants to donate time or help, please contact us at

It may not be much, but we must start somewhere.

- David Mansanalez

Founder of Only See The Good Clothing Company